Poor quality has a significant impact on businesses. It’s often costly to fix and can cause serious damage to a company’s reputation. Quality assurance is critical to ensure that products and services are delivered to customers as promised. More importantly, it helps to avoid costly expenditures due to poor quality.

Poor quality can be caused by a variety of contributing factors:

  • inadequate processes
  • poor materials or components
  • insufficient testing
  • incorrect or inadequate production techniques

All of these factors contribute to higher costs and lower customer satisfaction.

Implementing a quality management system like Quality365 can ensure that you and your team have access to timely accurate data in one location. The more data you have, the more likely you are to prevent issues before they arise, which reduces cost and improves quality.

Quality365 with the help of Power BI helps you pull data together onto one page. The quality team, external auditors, anyone viewing a detail page can see a full 360° view of the record, and everything related to that record, in one place. The data feeds into metrics on KPI dashboards that are fully clickable, allowing the user to drill-down to detail records for greater insight and analysis.

View documents, changes, NCRs, training – all on a single dashboard.

360° Dashboard Overview

Drive Continuous Improvement with the CAPA dashboard showing corrective and preventive actions by category and status, mapped onto the Deming Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.

360° Dashboard Overview (2)

Track the cost of defective product and waste, and measure how much you are improving the process over time to avoid scrap & rework.

Material Disposition (Scrap) Dashboard

With access to monthly supplier evaluation reports, it is easy to provide critical feedback on cost of dealing with poor suppliers, allowing purchasing to prioritize a strong list of approved vendors.

Supplier Evaluation Monthly KPIs Dashboard

Identify employees’ opportunities for growth, strengths, weaknesses, and cross functional development.

Training Dashboard

Interested in learning more about avoiding the cost of poor quality? We can guide you on how to best apply the latest QMS tools including Power BI, SharePoint, and Power Automate, that can help you lower costs and increase product quality.

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