UNIQUE solutions tailored to your needs

Synesis excels at developing personalized software solutions that promotes process efficiencies, leveraging expertise in C#, Power Apps, and Power Automate. With a deep understanding of leading technologies and market dynamics, we provide tailored solutions spanning from SharePoint customizations to comprehensive application design using PowerApps. Additionally, we offer integration to SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics. Rely on Synesis to reshape your digital environment with unparalleled clarity and precision.

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Power Apps Development

Synesis designs custom canvas apps using Power Apps Studio and tailors business flows with Microsoft Power Automate to meet your specific needs.


Web Portal Development

With Synesis’ expertise, you can build bespoke web portals for external stakeholders, all integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Dataverse data.

Data Management with Dataverse

rust Synesis to handle your data storage and management solutions on Microsoft Dataverse, ensuring reliability and scalability.

Data Integration and Migration

Using Power Query, Synesis will connect, transform, and integrate data from diverse sources to power your applications and insights.

Sharepoint Development

Synesis specializes in SharePoint customization, tailoring the platform to meet unique business needs. Our expertise encompasses bespoke site designs, workflow automation, and seamless integration with enterprise systems. With Synesis, transform SharePoint into a dynamic, user-centric collaboration hub.


Custom Developed Solutions

Beyond the pre-built connectors of Power Platform, Synesis designs custom connectors to ensure flawless integration with any system or third-party service your business relies upon.



Custom Add-ons Development

Synesis builds specialized modules or add-ons that enhance the native capabilities of SAP Business One, catering to your unique business requirements.

Integration Expertise

Our developers are proficient in the SAP Business One SDK. We specialize in building UDFs, UDTs, and UDOs to cater to the unique needs of each client.


Mobile Application Solutions

Synesis develops SAP B1-centric mobile applications, ensuring that you have access to responsive dashboards and reports, wherever you are.

HANA Specialization

Benefit from our expertise in SAP B1 HANA customizations. We develop HANA-optimized reports and leverage SQLScript for sophisticated data processes.

Data Migration Excellence

Transition seamlessly from legacy systems to SAP Business One with our expert data migration and transformation services. We ensure data integrity with robust ETL processes.


Web Portal Design

Synesis designs dedicated web portals for vendors, dealers, or customers, offering features like order tracking and inventory checks that integrate flawlessly with SAP Business One.