Today’s economic reality presents a perfect storm of unprecedented financial challenges for small and midsize companies. Emerging liquidity gaps, limited transparency over financial status, and remote management of financial processes – all these new realities and more are pulling everyone into uncharted territory.

Does your organization have the spend visibility and risk management capabilities needed to navigate every twist and turn in today’s disruptive landscape while preparing for whatever comes next?
If your answer is “no,” you’re not alone. Approximately half of finance executives from midsize businesses cite risk management (54%) and spend visibility (45%) as top challenges for their function, according to new research by Oxford Economics.*

Discover how your organization can gain the resilience to ensure business continuity – no matter what happens. We invite you to view the SAP Webcast below to get the latest insights on top challenges as well as best practices, processes, and technologies that can help you move forward with strength and confidence.

Build the Financial Resilience to Weather Uncertainty with Strength and Confidence.

*Source: Interim results from an ongoing survey of small and midsize businesses conducted by SAP and Oxford Economics in March 2020.