What are the top trends impacting midsize companies in this new decade?

We’ve entered a new decade, where anything is possible. While no one can predict the unpredictable, one thing is certain: experience management will be king.

SAP recently asked IDC, a leading analyst that watches how markets and technologies evolve, to name the top trends for small and midsize businesses in the 2020s. This list of six potential opportunities and challenges is now available for you to see in this infographic.

Across the board, IDC’s observations show that customers and employees expect to enjoy digital and personal interactions that are personal, responsive, and personal. But more importantly, these experiences must meet their needs without delay.

View the Webinar replay featuring guest speakers IDC analyst Shari Lava and SAP evangelist Timo Elliott. They will break down these trends for you and offer practical suggestions to kick-start the new decade.

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