Synesis recommends following these five tips for a successful implementation project

Synesis has been implementing ERP and Quality business software since 1994. We know what drives a successful project and wanted to share these helpful tips with you

Quite simply put, the formula for a successful implementation includes: the right people, with the right skills, following the right steps.

These five steps will help you structure your project team, create your plan, and put the right measures in place.

Secure C-level commitment

While your C-level executives undoubtedly endorsed the implementation project, their involvement does not end there; signing off on the investment is only the beginning. Executives must understand the impact of the implementation project and be willing to make the necessary trade-offs to allow people to devote time and energy to the project.

Choose the right project team leader

An effective team needs to be led by a  dedicated project leader in order to drive successful completion, on time and on budget. The team leader should be someone who knows the company’s business, internal politics, and how things work within the organization.

Follow a structured planning process

“Scope creep,” the tendency to keep adding to or changing the project’s objectives, is probably the greatest threat to successful project completion. The project plan will be continually updated as new information becomes available – but it should be “locked in” at the start of each phase.

Track project progress

Track each task and the overall progress against the plan, as well as identify the impact of any slippage – delays caused by the late completion of tasks that may affect other timelines.

System Ownership

The success of your implementation rests on the user community feeling a sense of ownership of the system. If users are a part of the process from the beginning, they will feel a greater sense of responsibility for its success.