BPA and Synesis will celebrate the anniversary of their 10-year partnership in 2019. With business expertise and development skills in SharePoint and enterprise solutions, Synesis has been one of BPA’s most successful North American distribution and implementation channels. Our clients include Hamamatsu, Integra, Unicom and Southwire.

With 25 years of expertise in manufacturing enterprise systems, Synesis specializes in long-term relationships and the delivery of key business systems – ERP and Quality.

BPA Solutions is the technology leader in simplifying regulatory compliance with integrated, user-friendly solutions and platform for Quality, Risk and GDPR Compliance developed on Microsoft Office 365 cloud technologies.

SharePoint is well-established in the manufacturing space and that’s where Synesis thrives.  The distribution and implementation of BPA in manufacturing has been a successful, decade-long partnership and a major focus of Synesis. Together, we’ve been able to deliver solutions our customers value because they see immediate ROI.”  – Ricardo Studart, President, Synesis International

 “We are pleased to have Synesis as partner. With Synesis, we have a strong Partner to serve the North American market, especially the manufacturing and distribution sector.” – Dr. Boris Lutz, BPA CEO and Founder.

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