Owners and finance executives looking for the best ERP solution always have one question in mind: is it better to use a local solution, with the software installed from the internal server and its own computing infrastructure, or should they opt for a cloud solution?

To help you decide which option may be better suited for your business needs, we will explain how each model works and highlight the operational needs and features of both.

SAP Business One On-Premise – How it Works

SAP Business One on-premise means that the client uses its own equipment and hardware, usually placed in an exclusive space, to function as a data center and manage all the information and data traffic of the application.

With this model, the client must have the resources to constantly monitor the application including equipment and servers. That way should any problem arise, there is no risk of having the entire operation stopped.

SAP Business One On-Premise – Operational Needs

  • Security: Data security is in your hands. It is critical that you have security policies and procedures in place to protect your IT infrastructure from various threats, such as viruses.
  • IT Staff: Internal IT staff is necessary to manage the server.
  • Data Backup: Having SAP Business One on-premise means that you need to manually back up your data. And don’t forget to test your backup solution regularly.
  • Business Continuity: What if your server crashes? Your company can suffer if you suffer system downtime. Therefore, it is also necessary to have a team prepared to make the repairs, in addition to a support server.

SAP Business One Cloud – How it Works

Unlike the on-premise model, SAP Business One in the cloud has a totally different way of functioning. The system is migrated to the cloud service provider’s data center, so that you now have access to all data over the internet, without worrying about having a high volume of expenses in the acquisition of using your own equipment.

SAP Business One Cloud – Features

  • Security: All the required certifications are already present in cloud data centers, guaranteeing the confidence of having complete security.
  • 24-Hour Support: With SAP Business One’s cloud service contracting, you have a specialized 24-hour support team to solve any issues that may arise.

Which Model is Right for My Business?

When deciding between cloud or on-premise deployment it is important to not just look at your operational needs and benefits, but to also consider the following: management, investment volume, ease of use and updates.

As a trusted SAP Business One gold partner, Synesis can help you decide which model is best for your business. We specialize in both cloud and on-premise deployment and our manufacturing, accounting and engineering expertise allows us to better serve our clients based on their specific needs.

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