See first-hand why our document control solution is unlike any other.

Document Control.

The Document Control approval process has never been more simple and affordable. Designed to fit the needs of any size business, we have made it easy for you to customize document owners, reviewers and approvers—all from a streamlined SharePoint dashboard.

Microsoft Integration

Integrate with Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.


Simplistic platform enables users to learn quickly


Enhanced Data-Entry

Group the related data in sections at each stage


Built on SharePoint

Simple, intuitive, user-friendly interface

Customize. Review. Approve.


Our document control system supports multiple reviewers, configurable for each document.

The owner can specify who is qualified to review each document.

Reviewers are selected from a list of authorized approvers.

Parallel Review

The owner and reviewers (one after the other) approve or reject the document.

During final review, owner and three reviewers can approve or reject at the same time.

When all reviewers have approved, a final version is published.


Approval Forms

Depending on the current stage, reviewers will see one of three data editor forms.

Once the owner names the approvers, each reviewer can mark Approve or Reject, and add Notes and Reject Reason.

Stages are color-coded to indicate what action is still needed.

Choose the Package that Fits Your Needs.

*Office 365

Perfect for businesses with limited IT resources
< $20,000
  • Up to 10 licenses
  • Managed in the cloud
  • Microsoft support
  • Monthly subscription = lower start-up cost

*Both options (on-premise and Office 365) provide a fully-functioning out-of-the-box Quality Management System, with default BPA basic functionality for QMS. Additional licenses may be added for an additional cost. For on-premise deployment, the first annual maintenance fee is included.

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