Manufacturing Execution Systems

Optimize and Synchronize Plant Operations.


Optimize and sync plant operations


ERP & shop floor control integration


Built on powerful framework


Simplified implementation time


We provide planning, design, development, and implementation services for MES solutions that enable our manufacturing partners to become more agile and competitive in today’s global economy. We deliver MES solutions that optimize and synchronize plant operations, and integrate them with ERP and shop floor control systems.

Using off-the shelf components around a core model-based, packaged MES application, we deliver custom MES solutions tailored to your specific manufacturing model.

Save Time & Money

We deliver MES solutions using primarily off-the-shelf components around a core model-based, packaged MES application. This provides the advantage of a customer-tailored solution while reducing the amount of integration effort required.

Eliminate the Squeeze

C-manufacturing provides near real-time information delivery, on-demand rescheduling, process optimization and integrated controls so you can effectively respond to the “supply chain squeeze.”


Proven Process

The Synesis MES framework is a proven process that ensures collaborative success. It provides stakeholder participation, requirements
definition, technology selection, program definition and implementation.

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Is it time to update your business systems?

A good business system allows you to focus on what matters most. If your current system isn’t providing you with the following, then it may be time to find a better solution:

Competitive advantage.
Your business needs to adapt to market changes, and anticipate business trends.

Connection and Collaboration.
Your entire business runs more smoothly by touching all areas of collaboration within your organization.

Easy access to data.
Better decisions can be made on the back of real-time data insight.

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Wonderware Solutions

Wonderware Manufacturing Operations Management (MES) Solutions provide users an “end to end” operations platform for excellence. Featuring a complete set of functional capabilities, the solutions increase operational efficiencies, quality and compliance and performance.

This enables improved productivity through faster inventory turns, reduced production lead times, swifter new product introductions for faster ROI and enhanced customer satisfaction. MES solutions provide real-time performance information, in context and for all execution activities, creating a more agile and responsive business.

Let Synesis Help Your Business

With 25 years of expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), we deliver a level of value and support that is simply unmatched by our competition.

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