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Synesis provides support for your entire infrastructure including networks, servers, databases, applications and workstations. Our proven expertise in the design, deployment and support of your business critical applications and computing environments will relieve the burden of managing your IT. Ultimately, saving you money and assuring the level of service you require.

Network & IT

Hosting Services

Disaster Recovery


Network & IT Support


Technical Requirements Analysis
Full System Design
Backup System Design


Network Connections
Server Deployment


General IT
Security Management
Exchange Support
Mobile Application

Hosting Services

There are a lot of hosting options out there. How do you know what is the right fit for your needs? Our team will evaluate your hardware and software requirements to determine the best hosting solution for your business.

After your initial evaluation, we set up your hosting services whether that is on-premise (our site or yours) or hosted through a recommended cloud service. Next, you choose your level of hosting support and maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.

Register For a Business Systems Assessment

Is it time to update your business systems?

A good business system allows you to focus on what matters most. If your current system isn’t providing you with the following, then it may be time to find a better solution:

Competitive advantage.
Your business needs to adapt to market changes, and anticipate business trends.

Connection and Collaboration.
Your entire business runs more smoothly by touching all areas of collaboration within your organization.

Easy access to data.
Better decisions can be made on the back of real-time data insight.

If you are looking for Business systems you can grow with, not out of, give Synesis a try by registering for a hassle-free assessment.

Disaster Recovery

While we all do our best to prevent disaster from striking our businesses, sometimes you may need help to recover from a technical mishap. Our Network Administrators will troubleshoot your situation and help you get back to work, whether you need a quick fix or a complete system restoration.

And to help prevent future problems, they can also design and implement a complete backup system to help your peace of mind.


Backup Design
Backup System Deployment


Issue Troubleshooting
System Restoration


General IT
Exchange Support

Success Through Training

Two of the most important elements to a successful software implementation are leadership support and end-user adoption. That’s why we offer training services to help your team before, during and after any implementation, big or small. You choose the level of training and we provide the experts to get your entire team up and running.


From End-User Training to Department Training, we cover implementation beginning to end.

Work Station

We provide training on Software Updates, Exchange Support and Phone System Updates.

Let Synesis Help Your Business

With 25 years of expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), we deliver a level of value and support that is simply unmatched by our competition.

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