The term digital manufacturing seems to be the latest buzzword referencing the age of digital transformation and the push towards automation. From CEOs to Quality Managers, everyone seems to be excited about digital manufacturing, but there seems to be some confusion on what it really means and why we should care.

The internet doesn’t seem to help clear things up either. According to the interwebs, digital manufacturing is vaguely defined as “an integrated approach to manufacturing that is centered around a computer system.”

So, what exactly does this mean and how does this impact your bottom line?

In layman’s terms, Digital Manufacturing enhances productivity by using automation to optimize the manufacturing process.

Oftentimes you will hear this term in conjunction with the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” which refers to the use of CAD design, digital manufacturing, robotics, sensors, data and analytics to redefine industrial production.

According to our ERP partner, SAP digital manufacturing means re-imagining your entire business.



  • Serving the segment of one
  • Performance and outcome-based billing
  • Solution provider networks
  • Industry asset networks and applications.


  • Contextual customer engagement
  • Collaborative engineering
  • Connected manufacturing
  • Solution selling and billing
  • 3D printing
  • Predictive maintenance and service


  • Ad hoc collaboration and learning
  • Transparency and access to data
  • Mobile and distributed workers
  • Robot interactions and “lights out” factories


  • Intelligent and self-aware
  • Products connected to each other as well as to the Internet of Things
  • Mass customization with on-demand features and options
  • Platform for enhanced services

The easiest way to reimagine your business is to ensure the right digital framework is in place.

SAP Business One is the only end-to-end solution that covers all business processes allowing for increased productivity, optimization and efficiency.

This next-generation ERP solution running in real time, that integrates predictive, Big Data, and mobile technologies is changing how manufacturing companies work, run their businesses, and consume information.

SAP WHITEPAPER – Digital Manufacturing Powering the 4th Industrial Revolution

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