It is hard to avoid the term “Digital Transformation” these days. It seems like everyone is telling us that we must get ready for it. But what is digital transformation and why is it important, specifically for manufacturing? Digital transformation includes processes that include automation and promote engagement and innovation. For manufacturers that means integrating the following:
  • A digitally connected supplier network
  • Automation throughout the value chain
  • Predictive real-time analytics
  • Interactive technologies
According to our ERP partner, SAP, there are five trends that are greatly impacting digital transformation for manufacturers:


Sensors are everywhere and intelligent machines are connected to each other as well as to the Industrial Internet of Things. To deliver on customer expectations, IM&C companies leverage hyperconnectivity through collaboration in Solution Provider Networks.

Super Computing

The limits of 20th century computing power are gone. Real-time inmemory computing drives the convergence of information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT), creating infinite business opportunities for IM&C companies.

Cloud Computing

Technology adoption and business innovation now move at lightning speed. Technology infrastructure is often leased to minimize barriers to entry. Business-to-business (B2B) transactions are moving to cloud-based collaboration platforms, where it only takes a few days to connect millions of business users.

Smarter World

Sensors, robotics, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence (AI) are the new normal. Computing has moved to mobile devices and industrial equipment, allowing these formally inanimate objects to become “self-aware” of their operational status and health.

Cyber Security

High-value industrial installations and manufacturing facilities are prime targets for digital attacks and sabotage. Trust remains the ultimate business currency, making cybersecurity a top priority in the design and operation of digitally-enabled industrial machinery, equipment, and components.

78% of employees say it is very important to work for a digitally enabled company or digital leader.

SAP Center for Business Insight 2015 calculation based on The Boston Consulting Group , The Rise of Robotics articles/business_unit_strategy_innovation_rise_of_robotics/

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