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Custom Development

If your business has functions and requirements which cannot be addressed by packaged ERP, CRM, WMS, MES and other off-the-shelf solutions, we can help.

Our developers provide custom development services to:

  • Augment packaged solutions
  • Complete custom system design
  • Implementation services for your stand-alone applications
  • Complex integration among your systems

Our developers have extensive experience with all aspects of the software development life cycle. They can perform a complete implementation from requirements analysis to deployment or serve as an extension of your development team.

Mobile Development

Synesis is skilled at implementing and developing applications deployed to wireless devices, barcode devices and portable mobile devices. Applications can directly update your ERP, Supply Chain, CRM, or Accounting systems in the back office.


  • Wireless Networking
  • Data Collection and Barcoding
  • Scanners
  • ERP Integration

Custom Website & Portal Design


Creating a new website is hard work. Not only do you need a great design, you also have to figure out how you want to represent your brand and create all of the content to go with your new look. Luckily, helping you figure it all out is one of our specialties.


We can take you from design specification all the way to the deployment and support of your new site.


Public Website

Systems Integration
SharePoint Deployment
WordPress Deployment


Internal Portals

Systems Integration
Quality Management
Manufacturing Execution System
Customer Facing Site
SharePoint Deployment
WordPress Deployment


Full Design Specification
Content Creation

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